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Hello, my name is Michael Price the owner of Priceless Possibilities. My company has invested over 2 Million Dollars since 1996 to create a VERY Powerful Recruiting & Training System that we can Customize to Truly Transform Your Business.
I have also invested approximately $200,000 to learn from people who are the best in their fields such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and many top Internet Marketing Experts (see below) by purchasing their Live Seminars, Books, CDs, and joining Mastermind Groups with the world's top marketers.
The following pictures are just of few of the many live training events
Michael has attended so he could learn from Top Internet Marketers.
  Michael with Matt Bacak   Michael with Alex Madossian   Michael with Alex Madossian   Michael with Russell Brunson   Michael with Stu McClaren
  Michael with
Frank Kern
  Michael with
Alex Mandossian
  Michael with
Armand Morin
  Michael with
Russell Brunson
  Michael with
Ryan Deiss
  Michael with Rick Raddatz   Michael with Matt Bacak   Michael with Ewin Chia   Edwin Chia with Ray Edwards   Michael with Stu McClaren
  Michael with
Rick Raddatz
  Michael with
Matt Bacak
  Michael with
Ewin Chia
  Michael with
Ray Edwards
  Michael with
Stu McLaren
  Michael with Rick Raddatz   Michael with Ewin Chia   Michael with Simon Yeung   Michael with Simon Yeung   Michael with Nick Marks
  Michael with
Ed Dale
  Michael with
Jason Moffatt
Michael with
Jeff Johnson
  Michael with
Simon Leung
  Michael with
Nick Marks
The Huge Investment I made to learn from Top Experts (over 200K!) is very important to you because I will TRAIN YOUR TEAM FREE! This would normally cost at least $300/hour and you get a LOT of quality training in your Private Training Area that you can use for your team (you can review all training content and only make available for your team what you like).
So we take all the knowledge I have gained over the years from experts and incorporate it into our technology so you will have a Custom System to Dramatically Help Your Team Recruit a Lot More People into your business.

As well, our training will save your team from wasting money on techniques that do not work! Of course, we continuously add training materials from other Top Marketers to your Private Training Area for your team.
Watch This Video To See How Our Training Will Help You!
I also trained the telemarketing staff for Robbins Research International (Tony Robbins company) on my "How To Get Unending Referrals" program! If you want RESULTS... Then review this site and Get Your Own Custom Recruiting & Training System... You'll be glad you did!
Mark Oleson
"Thank you again for your powerful presentation on How to Get Unending Referrals. Your program has help us set a new standard."

Ken Foster - Former Manager of NC Department for Robbins Research

"Thank you so much for your OUTSTANDING presentation on “How to Get Unending Referrals” for our sales organization. In our environment at Robbins Research where our people get to experience Tony Robbins, it is rare for us to be really impressed with another trainer!

Robert Simril - Former Director of Sales for the Anthony Robbins Companies


Using State of the Art Technology and PROVEN Marketing Practices, we can create a Custom SYSTEM for you that automates many critical things necessary for success... For example, our System can LITERALLY generate Quality FREE Leads, Position anyone as an Expert at building a Home Based Business so prospects will pursue your distributors, and Much More!

As a speaker for many years at the Multi Level Marketing International Association, Direct Sales Journal, as well as a Trainer for Tony Robbins' clients, there was one message that I always stressed…


Why do you think McDonald’s can be run by a bunch of teenagers… They have a SYSTEM!

We are creating results for the network marketing leaders and companies we service because our system out performs any other Marketing System, Network Marketing System, MLM System and all types of Home Based Business Systems PERIOD!
Neil Guess

Neil Guess
Going with Priceless Possibilities was probably one of the best decisions I made. Just their attention to detail with their in house programmers, attention to detail, they are extremely knowledgeable.

It's a user friendly system, and I've had nothing but incredible feedback. It has helped so many people build their business, its just been a blessing. I am extremely pleased with my decision.

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  • A Custom Compelling Video that Will Motivate Prospects To Join Your Business - Click to View
  • A Custom Lead Capture Page To Increase Propects Giving Their Contact Information - Click to View
  • A Custom Sales Page To Promote Your Business Opportunity - Click to View
  • Ability to Add an Unlimited Number of Autoresponder Campaigns Accessible by Your Team
  • Two (2) Virtual Hosts (up to 15 seconds each) - Click to View
  • A Custom Email Template - Click to View
  • 2 Custom Marketing Banners - Click to View
  • A Private Support Site to Control the Training & Marketing Material For Your Team - Click to Learn More
  • Ability to Increase our $19.95/mo. fee for distributors & Keep the Difference (most charge $29.95/mo.)
Click On An Image Below to View Just Some
of the Many Lead Capture Pages In Our Library





  • An Automated Way to Get FREE Quality Leads - Click to View
  • A Library of Audio & Video Postcards (And You Can Add Your Own) - Click to View
  • A Library of Professionally Written Auto Responders (You Can Add Your Own)
  • A Library of Target Market Specific Videos - Click Here to View Example
  • A Library of Lead Capture Pages for Targeted Marketing - Click to View
  • Ability To Create Your Own Lead Capture Pages - Click to View
  • Ability To Create Your Own Sales Pages - Click to View
  • Ad Tracking (without this are throwing money out the window) - Click to Learn More
  • Powerful Contact Manager so Distributors Use Their Time Wisely to Increase Sales - Click to Learn More
  • A Library of Target Market Banners - Click to View
  • Live Chat with prospects visiting your website - Click to View
  • The Ability for your distributors to get this system FREE with just 3 paying referrals! - Click to View
  • Ability to be Viewed as a Key Leader in Your Company
  • There is so much more…

View Just Some of the Many Email Templates In Our Library

Jason Cox

Jason Cox
Hello, My name is Jason Cox from the sunshine state of Florida. I have been using the Priceless Possibilities Website system for over 4 years now.

I love the fact that the system allows me to really only work with the people that have opted into our system and have shown a sincere desire to get more information about our opportunity, therefore I am not wasting my time talking to the wrong people.

I also like the fact that there is always someone there to get your questions answered when you need them. By far the Priceless Possibilities system is the best I have ever seen. There simply not a system out there that can compare.

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Let’s face it without a productive, efficient, professionally trained distributor base your business will not grow as quickly as it should. We supply you and your distributors Virtually EVERY tool imaginable to maximize their productivity and make the best use of their very limited time.

Our contact management system alone will total change the dynamics of how well your team will produce, from rating prospects, to tagging with notes, to setting email alert reminders. We all know... THE FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP!

Website Features
  • FREE website for 7 days, so they have No Risk to try it
  • Library of Lead Capture Pages with the Option to choose a Virtual Host
  • Niche Specific Lead Capture pages for Targeted Marketing
  • Ability to create their Own Lead Capture pages
  • Ability to have an Unlimited Number of Websites for Just 1 Low Monthly fee
UNIQUE Communication Features
  • Library of existing Autoresponder Campaigns to Increase Exposure
  • Ability to write their own Autoresponder Campaigns (with your permission)
  • Library of Audio & Video Postcards that get a lot more people to open and view them
  • Ability to create their own Audio and Video Postcards to brand themselves
  • Ability to be notified by Email & Text Message when prospects complete a survey
  • Call Center (optional), to set up appointments for the distributor with the prospect
  • Chat Feature to notify the distributor when a prospect is on their website, what page the prospect is on and what Ad they responded to
Training Features
  • Library of Marketing Tools (online & offline) to Increase Exposure to their website
  • Library of Training from Top Internet Marketers to Dramatically Increase Exposure
  • Access to Your personal Training Area for your training and support materials
Lead Generation Features
  • Valuable FREE bonuses offered to their prospects for opting into a Lead Capture page
  • Library of Approved Lead Vendors (that you control) IF they want to purchase leads
  • Step by step marketing to generate organic traffic and FREE leads!
  • Additional Bonuses offered to propects for entering contact info of 3 others... This has now turned 1 lead into 4... It's powerful AND IT WORKS! Click to View!
Ad Tracking and Contact Management Features
  • Powerful Contact Manager to better Manage Contacts, Save Time and Increase Sales
    • Rate Prospects so Distributors Can Use Their Time Wisely Which Will Increase Sales
    • Add Notes to Improve Ability to Enroll Prospects
    • Search Feature Saves Time & Increases Prospects Feeling They Know, Like & Trust them
    • Reminders to Improve Follow Up Which Will Increase Sales
    • See time and date they opened your email and much more...
  • Ability to Track their Marketing Efforts so they know what is working and what isn't
    • Website Statistics
    • Charts and Graphs to Immediately Identify Marketing Efforts
    • Shows detailed info on # of visitors and # of opt ins and percentages and much more!
And the Best part...
  • All distributors pay is just $29.97 per month (What a value as people pay $20/Mo. just for an AutoResponder alone!)
  • Easy to Get Their website FREE Each Month (optional) - Click to Learn More
  • Its EASY to use and Very Powerful
  • And MUCH more!
John Sickles

John Sickles
After a very disappointing experience with our previous web developer I went on a mission to find a reliable and professional company to help us build and grow our Nationwide Financial Planning firm through the Internet.

After interviewing six different developers I still had no idea what we would get as an end result from these companies and in some cases they could not even give me an estimate on price after hours of conferences. A friend finally referred me to Priceless Possibilites and everything changed.

I was finally talking to professionals who had laser focused clarity and they were able to provide me with a vision of our new website, it's functions and an exact price. The development process has been so smooth and efficient it has been a true pleasure to work with them. The end result is awsome!!!

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We have literally spent over 2 Million Dollars in programming fees building this incredibly powerful system. We spared no expense and are dedicated to its constant improvement by enhancing the exsisting features and adding new ones at NO additional cost to our members.

In addition, we have invested approximately $200,000 to continually learn from Top Marketers so we can share that information with you and your team.

Get Exclusive Marketing Rights So...
You Can Make a Substantial Passive Residual Income
From EVERYONE In Your Company Using Our System

When you get our Custom Recruiting & Training System, we include Exclusive Marketing Rights which means if anyone else from your company wanted us to create a system for their team, we won't do it and they would need to get a website for their distributors through you.

Most of our clients increase the monthly fee that we charge distributors by $10 per month so with just 500 distributors in your entire company using our system, you would be earning an extra $5,000 every month! Of course you can do the math to see the potential with your company!

Don't Wait Another Moment... Here's Our Irresistible Offer With Exclusive Marketing Rights!

** VALUABLE BONUSES For ONLY The Next 5 New Key Accounts **
ONLY 5, 4, 3, 2 Left!

1) One (1) live training event valued at $2,995 for my "How To Get Unending Referrals and Enroll More Distributors Now". I charge $2995 for each live training event and will waive my fee provided you cover my travel expenses. I will also include 3 webinars and provide you with a recording of them to help you get a lot of people to use our system.

2) Two hundred (200) of my 2 CD set on "How to Get Unending Referrals and Enroll More Distributors Now" valued at approximately $10,000 as each CD set is $49.97

* You can easily get approximately $10,000 back by putting on a live event for 200 people and charging them $50 each and you can even provide them with my 2 CD Set as a bonus for attending.

Therefore, we are offering an offer unlike anything we've done before for the next 5 new accounts. Once we have 5 more new accounts then this will no longer be available. ACT NOW!

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

1) Reduced 1 time fee of $14,997 instead of $19,997 for a Custom Recruiting System with Private Training Site which includes EXCLUSIVE Marketing Rights for your company.

2) This offer is Limited to the first 5 people and we have an email going out soon to over 23,000 past clients who are no longer in their current company, any of which could be strong prospects.

Once we have the 5 key people on board, we will no longer have this offer available and you would need to pay our normal rate of $19,997 for a custom system without any of the bonuses. So, if you are serious about exploding your business then we invite you to make a decision soon.

I am a very serious marketer and if you want to explode your business and easily create an additional 5 figure residual passive income, then I invite you to do business with us NOW.

We are serious about our Limited Offer Only Available for the Next 5 Clients, so if you are seriously interested, we invite you to ACT NOW.

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